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C4; Feelings from the heart. [Jun. 30th, 2005|11:14 am]
The Jrock Battle Royale Roleplay Game!
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Hidden in the thick brush that encircled the residential area, Shinya sighed and looked up beyond the trees to the buildings that seemed miles away. Earlier on he'd had just about as much energy as he did when the game began, but now that morning was fast approaching and the ache in his injured ankle grew more unbearable Shinya found the need to rest a necessity above all else.

But he knew he couldn't rest, not now at least. Die might've still been looking for him close by, calling out his name just out of ear's reach without him even knowing. Shinya knew he couldn't let Die down but at the same time he couldn't work himself to his death, so he sat down next to a nearby tree and set his cane as well as his bag beside him.

Above him rays of sunlight began to filter through the treetops, offering an unearthly warmth that reminded him of the world beyond the island. The world he knew he wasn't going to return to.

I'm never going to go home.. He thought. Never going to see Miyu...or my family in Osaka...never going to perform again...never going to see my 28th birthday..

In his mind the bad outweighed the good but even knowing that he knew that at least he'd be able to fulfill one thing; admitting his feelings to Die, and that was enough to make up for half the things he could never do again, never see again.

A smile slowly formed on his lips and suddenly the residential area didn't seem so far at all. Picking up his cane Shinya stood himself up and was about to walk when the rustling of leaves caused him to freeze in place out of fear if anything.

Oh god... The sound of his own heart pounding nervously was clearly heard in his ears and the pain shooting up his leg was nothing now compared to the fear that consumed his now trembling form and even though his bag lay just inches beside him on the floor he couldn't even muster up the courage to draw the knives he'd been given. Still, a part of him doubted that another person was in close proximity to him but when the rustling grew louder, closer all Shinya's doubts had quickly washed away.


Those words startled him more than anything had in his entire life. Shoot? He didn't even have a gun, only a pair of knives! Knives for chrissake. But the other player didn't know that and in an attempt to back away Shinya only managed to stumble on his own feet, sending his slender body crashing down onto the cold, dirt floor.

"I don't have a gun!" The drummer managed to yell out in a very shaky voice. Looking beside him Shinya dug into his bag and unsheathed one of the hunting knives he'd been given.

What am I doing? He didn't even know if the stranger calling out to him even had a weapon. Shinya closed his eyes and dropped the knife, suddenly regretting it when the rustling drew nearer at a much faster pace than he'd bother to keep track off.

"Shinya! Shin-chan!"

Strong arms wrapped themselves around his body and immediately Shinya embraced the familiarity of the form, burying the side of his face against the elder, red headed man's neck with a massive sigh of relief leaving his lips upon realization of who the person hugging him was.

"D..Die?" Soft, gloss covered lips met the guitarist's cheek as he raised his head to look up at Die's handsome but dirt stained face. "It...it's really you." In disbelief Shinya raised his hands to cup the elder man's face. The skin beneath his was warm, inviting and it was that feeling that made Shinya sure that this encounter wasn't some sort of dream.

"Kami sama, I .. I was so worried about you!" Shinya's loud words were immediately hushed by Die's soft whispers and he closed his eyes, burying himself further into Die's comforting embrace, the embrace he'd long to feel since the beginning of the game.

"What happened?" He heard Die whisper as he pulled back and crouched in front of the drummer. A pink blush crept onto his cheeks, Die's fingers causing that said blush as they moved to gently trace his handsome yet effeminate features.

"I fell and fractured my ankle." The fracture, however, didn't matter anymore and gently he placed his hand atop the one on his knee, giving it a reassuring squeeze. "I'll be okay, don't worry."

When Die's arms encircled his body once more Shinya smiled and hugged the older man tightly, Shivering at the feel of Die's calloused but gentle fingers sliding down his back as well as his lips pressing themselves against locks of his soft, auburn coloured haired.

"I'm so glad you're here." Shinya whispered, meeting Die's own with his shyly. Had it been any other day he knew he wouldn't have been able to admit how glad he was to see Die let alone be so close to him. He nodded when Die mentioned the residential areas but let out a cry of protest once Die lifted him into his arms. To keep from falling Shinya wrapped his free arm around Die's neck while the other cradled Die's weapon.

During the walk Die spoke and dutifully Shinya listened to every word, feeling his heart burst in happiness over and over again at the simple fact that he'd been reunited with the man he loved even though Die himself didn't necessarily know of Shinya's own feelings.

"Tell me things?" The drummer's words broke the small silence that had begun to gather around them but before Die could properly answer him they'd reached the residential area and slowly Die carried him to a cozy, small house hidden in between two much larger houses that seemed to stare at them in pity, knowing that both mens' deaths were probably soon to come if not in a matter of hours than maybe days, nothing beyond that.

Standing upright, he watched as Die kicked open the door and walked inside, closing the curtains before once again he was lifted and set atop a rather comfortable couch where he closed his eyes and rested while Die moved to the kitchen to clean his wounds.

"You not hungry?" He heard the guitarist inquire. He shook his head and opened his eyes, smiling at the red headed man who looked so perfect in his eyes despite their dreadful and unavoidable fates. He squirmed playfully at the hand on his stomach but soon he found his own fingers moving to entangle themselves with Die's.

Soon silence gave way to both mens' nervous breaths and Shinya's cheeks burned a deep crimson in colour when Die rested his head against the drummer's side.

"I was terrified that I wouldn't get to see you again..." Die whispered.

Shinya's heart wrenched in his chest at Die's words, so sincere and caring as if he ... No, he couldn't feel that way for me... The auburn headed drummer thought almost bitterly until Die's hand brushed against his cheek and he found his eyes staring so affectionately into Die's.

"D..Die?" Shinya's heart beat furiously in his chest, stirring the butterflies that now flew rampantly in the pit of his empty but quite satisfied stomach.

"...I have to tell you something. Because this might be the last chance we get," Die interrupted with a sad smile. Without even thinking Shinya wrapped his arms around Die's shoulders, mirroring that same sad smile as he listened to Die speak.

"I just need you to know..." Die murmured before once again a silence came over the room so unlike any other they'd shared before, a silence that wasn't awkward or distasteful but one that perfectly matched the sorrowful yet joyful moment as Die's lips descended upon Shinya's own.

With his eyes closed Shinya kissed back, feeling his heart jump from his chest to his throat as he stared up at Die with half lidded eyes. He'd wanted to kiss Die for so long and now it was finally happening.

"I have something to tell you too, Die.." His voice was calm now, laced with adoration as he lifted his head and once again their lips drew nearer in the most perfect kiss with Shinya's lips parting timidly to Die's soft, velvet tongue. For a few moments more they remained like that, kissing and embracing each other in the solace of the dark, abandoned house.

When the need for air called, both men pulled back and Shinya smiled, closing his eyes as he pulled Die into a loving embrace, not wanting to ever forget the moment they'd shared even after death.

"I love you."

[ OOC: Omfg. I know this sucks. xD;;; Sorryyyyyyy. *Hides in a ditch* ]