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#C4 - Forever Love - The Jrock Battle Royale Roleplay Game! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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#C4 - Forever Love [Jul. 12th, 2005|09:53 pm]
The Jrock Battle Royale Roleplay Game!
[mood |ecstaticecstatic]

There was a certain beauty to time when it stopped.

When everything around you seized to exist and there was nothing. Nothing but the beauty of one's heartbeat slowly echoing through another body. The wonder of feeling the arms you loved so much holding you, as you held that person in return.

Die was... in heaven.

Now, what an obscure place heaven was in, but Die was there. He was there, even if for a few moments, a few wonderful moments that felt so wonderful, and radiated joy through all his cells, those few moments made him so complete that he would of been happy to just die there. In Shinya's arms.

"Kami sama, I .. I was so worried about you!" It was Shinya who had brought him back to reality, and they were on their way again. Die couldn't stop speaking. But, he found that every word he said couldn't really make sense. He couldn't recall words he'd whispered moments ago, and yet he couldn't stop speaking at all. It all only seemed to catch up with him once they were in that house, and he was nursing his own wounds, mumbling hatred towards the deep, depressing bruises developing on usually porcelain white skin.

"Tell me things?" Die would smile. The words ran over in his head even as he had crouched by Shinya. What things? He wanted to ask. But... he would tell Shinya things. He didn't need to ask... yet he somehow doubted that what he wanted to tell the slender drummer he loved so much wouldn't be what Shinya wanted to hear. But he'd try anyway. They didn't get this far for nothing, surely!

"I just need you to know..."

...his own words were foreign, He couldn't breathe, couldn't speak. But he knew he was kissing Shinya. He knew now, as his mahogany orbs slipped shut and he tilted his head to the most perfect angle, lovely plush lips naturally parting. Was Shinya kissing him back? Surely not... because Shinya couldn't feel for him, right? Of course not... Shinya would want someone better.
Much, much better.

"I have something to tell you too, Die.."
The words didn't quite register at first. Die just nodded, barely, as he cupped Shinya's face, and leaned further into their second kiss. His eyes couldn't remain open any longer, as much as he wanted them to. They slid close, and his tongue lightly brushed at Shinya's, feeling the joy and electricity caused by the best kiss of his life slowly melt down to his toes and he leaned in further. It was the most perfect kiss. Die didn't think that anything could of made it more perfect...

"I love you."

...except for, maybe, that.

He held Shinya in return, both of them sitting up now as his fingers stroked up and down the drummer's back, in a shy but confident massage, his chin resting on Shinya's shoulder. Die didn't quite realise that he was biting into his lip. He didn't realise that the way he was holding Shinya was so tight, so damn tight, he was almost crushing him.
Die didn't even realise that he wasn't breathing until his lung screamed and he gave a sharp gasp as they began to work again.
Nor did he realise that he was crying until those salty tears slithered down to his lips and he could taste them as he slowly pulled back.

"...Shinya..." all he could do, apparently, was choke out his drummer's name. His... Shinya was his. And how long had he been his? Die didn't dare ask...

He cupped Shinya's face and a smile slowly curled his lips. He was crying and gasping for breath, yet he still looked stunning as his lips descended on Shinya's. He wouldn't question the other's words, like he would perhaps, under other circumstances. No, he wouldn't dare.

"I love you," his own words trembled as they whispered in response. "I love you so much," Die slowly pulled back, and gently kissed Shinya's lips. It was a chase kiss, gentle, shy. "Ever since I met you..." and how true that was. He didn't initially realise it but it was so true.
So for a moment Die grew silent and simply held his lover. His arms were tight around Shinya's, his lips now caressing up and down the slender arc of his lover's neck...

...a smile...

Die raised himself now, but not before placing one more heated kiss to the soft skin.

"...who would of thought..." because despite the photographs, the jokes, the videos... Die and Shinya were perhaps the least likely to fall in love. Even though everyone else could of seen it, Die could of never imagined.
"...that you'd love me."

It was impossible to stop smiling. And crying. Die was crying tears of joy as he linked his fingers with Shinya's slowly, both hands, and raised them, watching his movements as he eventually guided Shinya's hands around his neck and kissed his love again. He hated fate. It couldn't be more cruel. He wanted to cry and scream out, yet at the same time, he knew that the tears that wept were of utter joy.

There was silence for a little while, in which Die had allowed his tears to calm.

"You should bathe," he whispered, almost fearing that someone could hear them. Even though it was day outside, it didn't matter because Die and Shinya were in their own world now, and if anyone dared to interrupt, then there would surely be a side of Die shown that nobody could have ever dreamed there being. "...you have a few cuts, ne, I don't want them infected." He held Shinya's hands now, and kissed each finger slowly, grinning at the drummer.

"I love you..." Now, once he'd said them once, it appeared he couldn't stop saying them. nor could he stop kissing Shinya. He kissed the other once...twice...three times, before he finally managed to drag himself off to run Shinya the said bath. Die knew not to add any bubblebath because it would sting, not mentioning the fact that it was... weird...to say the least, to be using someone else's' toiletries.
But he made the water just perfect.

And once that was perfected, he moved to take his lover up the stairs, kissing him on the way, but carefully, so he wouldn't drop him or bang Shinya's injury into anything.

"You don't mind me...staying?" Die asked, cheeks flushed in the steamed room as he sat Shinya on the edge of the bath, fingers trembling as he slowly began to remove the drummer's shirt.

"I'll go if you want...I'll do anything you want..."

[User Picture]From: onyx_sodomy
2005-07-14 05:35 am (UTC)
You're writing is so good!

*pokes you into joining br_roleplay when V4 starts* I think you'd make a good Shuya! You're playing Die kinda like how I see Shuya. ^^ Or a Hiroki actually... probably Hiroki more. *pokes* so come play!

[/shamefull com promo]
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