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Hyde- Blowing Up His Passion. [H9-I10] - The Jrock Battle Royale Roleplay Game! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Hyde- Blowing Up His Passion. [H9-I10] [Jun. 23rd, 2005|04:57 pm]
The Jrock Battle Royale Roleplay Game!
Hyde came even closer to the lighthouse, he still didn’t know if anyone was there, but he’d find out soon. He came to the zone the lighthouse was, and he heard a crash! Someone was defiantly in there, and Hyde had a way to get their weapons without killing them! He grabbed his duffel bag, un-zipping it and taking out the three grenades that laid there. He then pulled the safetypin out of them at the same time, and threw them at the base of the lighthouse, it should work, blowing up the lighthouse, and hopefully not killing the people inside.

BOOM! The grenades went off, knocking Hyde a few feet back. There was a gaping hole in the side of the lighthouse, and then…It started to fall over. Hyde jumped out of the way, just dodging the rubble as it fell to the ground with a crash. The people inside might be dead, but then again…they might not be.

Hyde checked through the rubble and found a person, breathing heavily on the ground.
“Help…Me” The person cried as he tried grabbing on to Hyde’s leg.
“Who are you? What’s your name?” Asked Hyde sharply
“I’m called Yura. I’m here by myself. I was so scared.” She wept.
“I’m Hyde, I blew up the lighthouse, to see who was in” He replied
“You? YOU FUCKING BLEW UP THE LIGHTHOUSE AND NEARLY FUCKING KILLED ME?!” She angered as she tried to bite Hyde, but falied.
“Ye, you got a problem bitch, and I’ll fucking blow your brains out!” Hyde laughed as he raised his shotgun pointing it at her head.
“Please…Don’t kill me…I wanna live!” She screamed as Hyde dropped his shotgun on the floor, making a crash.
“OK, I won’t kill you. But fucking give me you weapon!” He said.
“NO! It’s mine!” She whined as she reached into her pocket and wrapped her hand around something.
“Fine, I’ll have to take it from you!” Hyde screamed as he leeped forward and grabbed the back of her neck, pulling her from the rubble. He still had hold of her neck, and laid her out on the floor. “GIVE ME IT!” He shouted as he kicked her in the stomach, making her groan. “GIVE ME IT! GIVE ME IT” Hyde then kicked her again, and again…and again…Till she was unconscious. He would’ve messed up her organs and it looked like she had a broken leg, her face was mangled, and she also had loads of cuts and bruises all over her. Hyde then reached into her pocket and pulled out a GLOCK 22 Semi Automatic Pistol, chucked it up in the air, and catched it again, then placing it in his pocket.

Hyde then went back to the place he left his shotgun picked it up and threw it over his shoulder. He then grabbed his duffel bag, and walked off…He needed to find somewhere else now.

((OOC, Yay, the lighthouse has been blown up! Hehe! Hope that post was OK. Tell me if it wasn’t! ^_^ The names been changed to Emiru, hope thats okay now ^^))

[User Picture]From: angelachibayuy
2005-06-23 04:56 pm (UTC)
There sorta is a slight problem... Gomenne, but I already had Utada with me... X_X...
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From: hyde_br
2005-06-23 05:26 pm (UTC)
Sorry, I made this post the other day, and I havent had chance to read other peoples x_X I'll change it ^_^
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[User Picture]From: angelachibayuy
2005-06-23 07:13 pm (UTC)
Haha it's ok, ^_^ I don't always read other people's posts as closely as I should, so no problem there.
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[User Picture]From: onyx_sodomy
2005-06-23 10:28 pm (UTC)
Emiru's already been mentioned in the story. He's at the arcade. And yeah, he's a guy. Most of the people on the list who look like girls are actually really convincing transvestites. The only girls on the list are Anza and Utada. ^^
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