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Anza E4 - The Jrock Battle Royale Roleplay Game! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Jrock Battle Royale Roleplay Game!

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Anza E4 [Jun. 26th, 2005|10:13 pm]
The Jrock Battle Royale Roleplay Game!
The crash startled anza, making her head spin around quickly with her flashlight immediately pointed diredtly at the stairs so it wouldn't be seen. Utada... what trouble have you gotten us into. No, someone else has come.

"Come down now." Anza grabbed a hold of Emiru, the gun in one hand while the other spun the more feminine boy around in front of her, his body protecting her as she pushed him down the stairs. Her rushed manner almost made both of them lose their balance, but luckily it remained and the scared and shocked person in her arms didn't falter in following her orders, her fight or flight instinct taking over the moment she'd heard the smash.

At the bottom of the stairs she spun her flashlight around the room carefully, her other arm curled tightly around Emiru's chest as the light searched for the disturbance, scanning across until it caught on the frightened Utada and what she was shakingly pointing to.

Her light followed the finger's path across the floor as she walked around the games in Utada's direction, until it came to rest on Kisaki's body. Once again her arm seemed to follow a predetermined arch, the gun raised and cocked in aim at Kisaki's back. "Why have you come here?!" Her voice was angry, and yet in a strange way calmer, much calmer than the blood which rushed through her veins, causing a feint warm pounding in her ears.