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C4 - [ I will communicate with love ] - The Jrock Battle Royale Roleplay Game! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Jrock Battle Royale Roleplay Game!

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C4 - [ I will communicate with love ] [Jun. 24th, 2005|06:11 pm]
The Jrock Battle Royale Roleplay Game!
[mood |relievedrelieved]

The red head picked up his speed, giving himself another push, resulting in adrenaline pumping faster, harder, even if it was just for that little while. His naked arms raised themselves now, and pushed the wiping twigs from his way, not at all wanting to be cut further by their harsh, needle like structure anymore.

He didn't want to look anymore undesirable, and considering that his jacket was already stuffed messily into the bag, sleeves of his shirt rolled up due to sweat and irritation of running with the thick fabric covering his body, rolled up to reveal slender arms tainted by new cuts and bruises, clearly a result of the past few hours. In his mind, he looked horrible, even if that wasn't the case.

It was on the contrary, in fact, and Die looked lovely in his masculinity, his red hair matted and slackened with sweat, clinging desperately to his handsome features. The cuts on his skin varied in depth and size, but were quite obvious, the blood scabbed over now and giving his appearance an even more rugged touch. And as he raised those arms again, his eyes looking up past the haunting branches onto the lightening sky, a small smirk curling the corners of his lovely cherry coloured lips at the realisation that the sky slowly transformed into morning, the cloudy mist blocking the lovely blue heavens a bitter reminder of this current situations.

He continued to run until he wasn't able to move his feet anymore and eventually collapsed by a large tree, slender chest heaving beneath the expensive fabric of his shirt, his fingers fumbling for cigarettes. Only nine left...

If he wasn't going to get shot in the head by some psychopathic bastard, the lack of his beloved cancer sticks would certainly be the death of him.

Lazily, the red head released a cloud of smoke from his delicious parted lips and leaned back, his head pressing against the bark of the tree. The compulsory map was laid out in front of him neatly, and once his eyes opened again, knowing that if they remained shut for too long he'd fall asleep, he realised that he'd searched all of D3. He hoped that Shinya had not passed him on the way, and had gone to C3 like he'd instructed. Whether or not that was the case though, he knew he couldn't, and wouldn't give up, despite the paranoid fears that were pumping through him faster than his blood.

Die's fears were more than intense. Deepened as he looked to the sky again, mumbling incoherent sentences. It was a horrible realisation that people would be killing now. Killing, as the lovely blue sky emerged, the morning sun casting attractive shadows of trees on the grass, bolding the intensity of the colours of every plant, every form of life. Somewhere, someone would die right now. Someone he knew. Or by the hand of someone he knew. And what if that someone got him now, and he couldn't reach Shinya? What if they got Shinya...?

Instantly, Die tossed the cigarette aside and shook those thoughts away. He had to stand, he had to run again. Despite everything that could hurt actually hurting in that slim body, determination was at it's highest now, perhaps because it was in a formula with fear now. Die had to find Shinya.

So he ran, holding the SVD, not paying attention to his shoes crushing twigs beneath them...

...well, not until he heard a noise very, very close to him.

Instantly, the red head froze. His fist curled tighter around the two bags he held in one hand, knuckles turning nauseatingly white. His other held the sniper rifle even closer to his trembling body. Frozen like a statue now, his eyes widened in an attempt to see past the close cluster of trees, barks and leaves everywhere, interfering with his view. Slowly, he set the bag down.

Because if this was the sort of person who'd shoot his best friend in the back, who wouldn't even give a second thought to the life of a lover just to save his own neck, then Die was quite blatantly screwed.

So he lifted the rifle. Although it was still locked, there were bullets, so if worst came to worst, Die knew he could shoot. He could potentially kill another human being. If worst came to worst, he'd wound them and run. As fast as he could. He wouldn't turn around, because if he slipped and if he had killed them, he knew he couldn't go on.

The rustling came closer, and it took Die several moments to realise that was a result of his own walking. He was so close to them now... and he wanted to see who it was. Because it had as much chance of being a sociopath as well as someone who shared his own views. And what if it was Toshiya? He didn't even know what had happened to one of his best friends.

"DON'T SHOOT! IF YOU....IF YOU ATTACK ME, I'LL SHOOT, I WI-" His voice trembled, loud but not hysterical, threatening but petrified. He slipped through the wall of the collection of little trees holding the rifle, which trembled when his arms shook. He stepped in, his eyes closed and his lips failing to mumble the words of domination and power he wanted to use in order to intimidate this person.

Had this person wanted to kill him, they would of had a very easy job.

To Die's surprise, however, there wasn't even any movement, nevermind response or an attack. So very slowly, his eyes opened, and instantly the rifle was tossed away and Die fell to his knees, almost before he could even recognise the person in front of him now. In front of him, lying helpless, with that most beautiful expression on their startled face.

"Shinya! Shin-chan!"

The red head swung his arms around the named man before he even had the opportunity to utter a word of protest. Die felt like his heart was melting from joy. He couldn't even begin to describe the joy and relief he was feeling now from this reunion. He could barely think straight as he buried his nose in Shinya's neck, inhaling his hypnotising scent deeply, his hands holding Shinya so tightly. Despite this state of instant bliss, however, Die did notice the way Shinya had his ankle, and when he pulled back eventually, after a moment or so of silence between them, with just him holding so tightly onto Shinya and whispering to the drummer how glad he was, how lucky he felt now.

"What happened?" he asked as he crouched now, unable to stop himself from smiling and reaching out a hand to lightly trace Shinya's features, his other lightly resting on Shinya's knee. He knew that if someone had done this to Shinya, then he would certainly find them and hurt them in return. As horrid as it was, he knew that if anyone had put Shinya in any sort of danger he wouldn't think twice about hurting them in return.

Those thoughts, along with that haunting paranoia he'd been forced to feel since the very beginning of this drifted eventually when Shinya reassured him that the injury was not a result of another person. So Die held him again. Just gently, his fingers caressing Shinya's back, his lips lightly pressing against the others' hair as he whispered words of comfort, absolutely delighted at once again feeling the drummer close to himself now. Being with Shinya like this now somehow managed to make the situation a lot less terrifying.

"Ne, the residential area is only a bit away," he said in a sweeter than honey tone after deciding that he had better un-leech himself from Shinya. He had got his belongings again and looked to the map for reference, with one arm draped around Shinya's shoulders of course, fingertips slowly stroking in soothing motions. "...I doubt many people will go to the houses since it's so predictable. And with your ankle, we really need to go somewhere safe. It's not far, so I'll carry you..."

He knew he was rambling, and he knew he couldn't even understand half the things he was saying. He doubted Shinya would, either. But the utter delight made him so excited and happy, and he was practically hysterical, refusing to listen to Shinya's protests as he took the drummer in his arms, carrying him like one would do a lover. Both his bag and Shinya's were slung over his shoulders, but he gave the drummer his weapon to carry. As much as he wanted to just leave it there, he knew that if they encountered another player of the game, they probably wouldn't be so kind as to let them past.

"I was so worried, you know," slowly, his voice began to sink a little deeper, and his heartbeat was a little slower. He was calming, but not completely. His arms held Shinya such security as he carried him, ignoring any discomfort he might of suffered because the slender drummer in his arms was far more important "...so worried that I couldn't find you before... you know," he smiled sweetly, feeling his arms strain a little but he wouldn't give up. Not now. "...I have to tell you some things. A lot of things, actually. But I'll let them wait until we're in one of the houses."

So very slowly, they walked. And eventually, when the sky was clear, a perfect azure, Die had picked out one of the houses. A small thing, in the shadows of the others around it, but it seemed homely. And despite it not being the wisest decision to bring Shinya here, he knew that at least it would give them some moments alone.

"You're heavy," he joked as he settled Shinya down, having to resort to kicking the door to open it. The lock wasn't strong, so the door gave way easily, without too much insight to the house being occupied as Die and Shinya walked inside, the older of the two making sure that the curtains were shut and door as firmly closed as it could be. Once he could guarantee at least a little safety, his attention was once again firmly on Shinya and nothing else.

It was probably best to stay downstairs for the time being. He was utterly exhausted now, and after cleaning his cuts just a little with the aid of the kitchen sink and some vodka he'd 'borrowed' from the refrigerator, he walked, socked feet padding cutely on the wooden floor, to Shinya. Die insisted Shinya stay on the couch and not move, just incase he made his strain worse. He'd even provided the drummer with a bottle of water, a can of coke and some cookies by the said couch. At least they wouldn't be short for food, considering Die's own backpack had been filled with junk, like it always was when he travelled. He didn't know just how valuable that would all become, however.

"You not hungry?" he asked as he sat by the couch, legs stretched out in front of him and a hand moving to shyly rest on Shinya's stomach, seeking out the drummer's and gently stroking his fingers. A blush tinted Die's cheeks as he leaned his head on Shinya's side.

"I was terrified that I wouldn't get to see you again..." a soft whisper, and suddenly Die felt utterly overwhelmed by the realisation of it all. Him and Shinya would probably die. These were probably the last days, if not hours, in which he could be close to the drummer. So he choked back a sob and moved up a little, his eyes red and swollen but not quite crying. A hand brushed Shinya's cheek as Die sat on the edge of the couch and bent over lightly, pressing his forehead to Shinya's in a very bold movement.

"...I have to tell you something. Because this might be the last chance we get," he smiled sadly, his tone a mere whisper now. Die's lips trembled a little, and his eyes fluttered sweetly as he made another very bold movement.

"I just need you to know..." words disappeared. And Die gently placed his lips over Shinya's. It wasn't even a kiss, a mere pressing of their lips together, the red heads' eyes still half lidded, his breath trembling over Shinya's lips as he remained in this position, not quite sure what to do next.

((sorry it took me so long to post! I wrote a really good post but my computer ate it - -; so now you get a lame one 8D Gomen nasai .__. ))

[User Picture]From: onyx_sodomy
2005-06-26 12:00 pm (UTC)
Aww, that was so kawaii! XD
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From: __kabuki_queen
2005-06-27 06:29 pm (UTC)

Why thank you 8B
My Die is such a drama queen.
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