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Hyde-Daddy, Will I Have To Play That Game? [I10] - The Jrock Battle Royale Roleplay Game! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Jrock Battle Royale Roleplay Game!

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Hyde-Daddy, Will I Have To Play That Game? [I10] [Jun. 26th, 2005|03:21 pm]
The Jrock Battle Royale Roleplay Game!

Hyde didn’t know where he was going to go. He’d been to a lot of places on the island, and yet people where there each time. He couldn’t actually believe that he’d left Yura to die. She’d die soon, he knew that. He couldn’t go back now though, after what he’d done. Hyde looked at the map and noticed a place he saw earlier…The arcade. If someone was there, and they weren’t playing, Hyde could team up with them, till the end…And when its only them left, he’d blast their brains out with his shotgun. Yes! That’s a good idea. He wouldn’t be killing a lot of people, and he would survive!




Hyde was sat down on the sofa while his daughter sat down besides him watching cartoons. The cartoon programme suddenly stopped and a news caster appeared on the screen with “Battle Royale” above his head.

“Dear people of Japan, this years’ Battle Royale has been one of are best yet!”

“Daddy, what’s ‘Battle Royale’?” Asked Hyde’s daughter, as she looked up at him and stared.

“Its nothing, don’t worry” He replied, as the news caster carried on.

“A lot of kids were killed in weird ways this year. Someone was stabbed with a nail till she bled to death. Another was given acid to drink, and then he bones and insides burnt up, killing her horribly. But our winner is a boy. We can not give you his name yet, but he killed 15 of the 42 students! THAT’S A NEW RECORD!” He bellowed, as Hyde’s face dawned down looking at his daughter who looked scared out of her wits.

“Daddy, will I have to play that game when I’m older? I don’t want to!” She cried hugging onto his leg.

“Don’t worries, you wont play it, I’ll make sure” He replied making her face light up, as she kissed him and ran off to play.

What if she is chosen? He thought to himself as he laid down on the sofa to rest his weary head.


----End Flashback----


“It wasn’t her who was chosen. It was me!” He cried out. He couldn’t let his daughter be chosen for the BR act like him. He had to hurry and get to the arcade, and win this game, to save his daughter from the hands of the Government!