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Anza E4 - The Jrock Battle Royale Roleplay Game! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Jrock Battle Royale Roleplay Game!

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Anza E4 [Jun. 28th, 2005|11:26 pm]
The Jrock Battle Royale Roleplay Game!
Anza's lips curved into a strange smirk even as she realized that the one who lay on the floor would be of no threat to them. So, she'd atleast started to consider Utada as part of her group, strangely wanting to protect this one who was not part of the Jrock world, not even a native to Japan if Anza remembered her tabloid history correctly.

The light stayed focused on Kisaki's face, though after a few seconds her cruelty instinct abated and she moved the light down to atleast his chest to not intentionally blind him. The hesitation in his voice, she knew she heard it. So... then Emiru meant something to this boy, did he? Emiru seemed to react to the recognition as well, his frail body pushing slightly against her outstretched arm, her body still blocking his entrance into the main area of the arcade, for pushing Anza at that moment would not have been a good idea. Anza's finger hovered dangerously over the trigger of the weapon in her hand, though her thumb moved to put the safety back in place as she recognized that there was no immediate danger in the situation.

"I found him upstairs, wasn't sure if he had a weapon or not. I decided it was best to play it safe in this situation. He's in no danger." She turned her head around slightly, stepping to the side of the stairway to let Emiru past, the boy immediately rushing over to kneel next to Kisaki in his strangely appropriate dress, almost like a princess and her fallen prince.

However, the gun still pointed itself towards the two intruders, the flashlight searching its way around the two figures to look for any possible weapons. Then seeing the flail both Utada and Anza gave sighs, though the first's was audible and the other's in her own mind. "You understand, I can't be too careful in this... 'game'." She said the last word very sarcastically, still unsure why such a term had come to be used with what every ninth grader dreaded being included in, herself included in the year before she'd auditioned for the first ever of the Sailor Moon musicals. She too had waited in anticipation in the time of year when it was most common for program classes to be picked, sighing along with the rest of the class even as the horrific details of other students deaths were given over the television, knowing her ninth grade year had been passed over by the judges of the "Benevolent Dictatorship".

How ironic that over ten years later she'd been placed in that very situation she'd dreaded as a teenager, and had quickly decided in her own mind that she wouldn't be a loser, no matter what the costs. She wouldn't be taken advantage of by the sick bastards in the government.