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The Jrock Battle Royale Roleplay Game! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Jrock Battle Royale Roleplay Game!

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Anza E4 [Jun. 22nd, 2005|12:53 am]
The Jrock Battle Royale Roleplay Game!
Looking around, Anza wasn't as alert as she should've been, failing to see the dress flutter above her head as she pushed into the arcade doors. Her elbow hitting the class she could tell they were locked, but the door was old, the lock wasn't the new electronic ones they used in Tokyo, but an ancient rusted deadbolt, a testament to the state of the entire civilization on the island, both economically and socially.

One swift thrust of her shoulder against the area surrounding the doorhandle sent splinters of wood shattering across both the ground outside and inside of the arcade, the serene jingle of a windchime offsetting the harshness of the shattered wood.

Anza headed inside, flicking the light switch a few times, before turning around to the shaking Utada who carefully stepped over the broken wood into the cool familiarity of the arcade. "Turn your flashlight on now. You check for food, I'm going to make sure this place is empty."

"And if you find someone..." Utada's voice hesitated, unsure if she should truly ask if Anza would straight out kill someone she find.

"I'll deal with them appropriately." Her voice was cold, the arm that wasn't holding the gun reaching down into the bag to pull out her own flashlight, turning it on and shining it around her, mostly towards the floor, yet sometimes she seemed to forget that light could indeed b eseen outside the mostly covered in posters, windows.

Her mission clear in her own mind, though perhaps not to the obviously frightened girl rummaging carefully through the supplies of the arcade, Anza walked swiftly around the arcade, flashign the light into corners, checking for broken windows, but she couldn't seem to find any. Still... there were stairs. Those stairs led to somewhere, most likely what was the living quarters for the arcade owner. And that area would make a great hiding place for someone on the run.

Her feet seemed to barely touch the stares, the gun in one hand, flashlight in the other as she made her way to the top the stairs. She could already see the loft window open, and a flash of something to her left moved her hand instantly, the beam of light following it. Her flashlight landed on the form of what many would at first mistake as a girl, but Anza knew differently. The gun was pointed in an instant, the form which had been attempting to move away from the window in an effort to hide now staring almost blankly at the predator which had come to hunt him. His hands, surrounded by their frilly sleeves moved up to his feminine mouth in an effort to protest against this attacker.

"Don't move. Emiru, right? You chose the wrong hiding place." She pulled the safety back, preparing to fire on this player, to give herself an advantage in the game, when she heard a pan drop downstairs, an effect of Utada's careless searchings. No... it won't do to kill him now. She won't understand my reasoning. She doesn't know how depraved these bastards really are!

Letting go of the safety she turned her smirk into an almost friendly smile. "I won't kill you just yet. Come downstairs." It was an order, not a request.


((OOC: If you want to do a little with Kisaki's character or control Emiru a bit, that would be really helpful, as I didn't want to go too far.))
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Hyde- Could he really kill again?[G6-H9] [Jun. 21st, 2005|09:30 pm]
The Jrock Battle Royale Roleplay Game!
[mood |amusedWell For a Little]

Hyde sprung up on his feet, wiped his eye, which dripped of puss every few minutes…His eye wasn’t getting better, it was getting worse. He could still see though, just not through that eye. Hyde then grabbed his duffel bag, swung the shotgun round his shoulder, and started walking to the lighthouse.


He walked along the path which seemed to lead to the lighthouse. It was still dark, and he could hardily see his nose in front of him. Hyde could actually see the lighthouse, the bright white paint stood out. It looked stable, but it could probably be knocked down by a big enough blast…Could he blow it up? If someone was there, and they were playing, he could hurt them by using the grenades, then steal there weapons...But…Not kill them. He couldn’t…The man back at the warehouse, didn’t know that it would happen, he couldn’t kill another person, maybe just injure them?

God, I don’t know what to do! I keep switching from playing to not playing…Would Megumi want me to play? Would my little girl want me to play? They’d want me to come home…But maybe they protested? Maybe…They’re dead? Lying in a pool of their own blood and guts. NO! That wouldn’t happen! Megumi would think I’d win, but then…would she fell safe around me?

Hyde couldn’t think about that…He just had to get to the lighthouse, he was closer now, he could see it…that big long di-….Hyde just broke out in laughter, which made him happier, but soon forgot about it, and just carried on.


He was getting to the sticking out bit on the island, just a few zones away from the lighthouse, he was nearly there…But was someone already there? Only him getting there, would he find out.


((OOC, Sorry I haven’t posted in a while! Hope you like it! ^^ Leave feedback on how it can be improved! And be honest, if you don’t like it tell me! ^^))

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Kisaki: Emerging into E4 Confrontation? [Jun. 21st, 2005|09:57 am]
The Jrock Battle Royale Roleplay Game!
Kisaki found the walk south difficult. He wasn't used to this much walking. His legs were starting to hurt. It still hadn't struck him how much walking he had actually done, or that he hadn't even had any sleep yet. The arcade wouldn't be far off now. All he had to do was keep running.

"Just keep running!" Emiru giggled.
Kisaki squinted his eyes on the screen of the arcade game. The pixels were quite large and the animation was crude, so Kisaki wasn't enjoying it as much as Emiru seemed to be.
"Jump!" the quirky bassist screeched.
Kisaki thumped his hand down on the machine in response as an alien ran at him from the side of the screen. Kisaki sighed. "That's what every alien in these games look like! This has no imagination in it..."
Emiru giggled. Kisaki turned to face him. "What?"
Emiru gasped, and pointed at the screen. "Kisaki Chan!"

There was an electronic beep on the machine, before it proclaimed "Game Ova!" in badly pronounced English. Kisaki siged. "This game requires little intellectual skill"
"Ah Kisaki Chan!" Emiru sniggered. "You're just jealous because I'm way better than you!"
"Is that why you're jealous of my bass skill then?" Kisaki said curiously.
Emiru laughed, and patted him on the shoulder. "See, you can be funny when you try!"
Kisaki raised an eyebrow. 'But I was being serious...' he thought. However, he detected that this wasn't something Emiru would appreciate if he said it out loud.
"Want another game Kisaki Chan?"
"Why do you keep calling me that? It used to be Kisaki sama" Kisaki said sternly.
Emiru winked. "Yeah, at first I really respected you. Now I just think you're cute!"
Kisaki was a little taken back by this. Cute... that was a word people used when they liked each other? Well, a word that other people used. Kisaki couldn't ever see himself with someone else. Did Emiru fancy him? What would he have to say? Sorry, I'm not gay? 'but you don't fancy girls either...' corrected an internal voice. Well then, sorry, I'm frigid? Kisaki sighed. People confused him. They had always confused him, and would continue to do so forever. At least he had the satisfaction of knowing he was better than them.
"Hello? Anyone in there?" Emiru said jokingly, waving his hand in front of Kisaki's eyes. "You totally blanked out for a minute there Kisakun!"
"Hey, stop it with the cute names!" Kisaki said irritably.
"Ha Ha, alright your majesty!"
Kisaki sighed as he placed some more money into the machine. It felt like wasting it, but Emiru seemed to be behaving towards him like people did when they had friends. Kisaki had always wanted... always needed one of those, so the sacrifice seemed worth it. He didn't really understand what an arcade game had to do with anything though.
"Now remember," Emiru said intelligently, "just keep running!"

"Just keep running..." Kisaki whispered, fighting against the ache in his muscles. He didn't particularly know why he had to run so fast, he just knew he had to.

Emiru might already be dead...

Yes, that was why! Kisaki had to make sure he got there first.

He had to be close now. He didn't think he would be able to run for very much longer, and he didn't want to lose his friend. The only real friend he'd ever had.

"just keep running!"

Finally, Kisaki emerged from the trees, spotting a fairly large concrete building before him. It didn't look like somewhere you'd go to have fun. More like a prison or something like that, although it might have looked that way just because of the moonlight.

Slowly, Kisaki moved towards the door, aware that he might be too out in the open for safety’s sake. Thankfully, there were a few burnt out cars in the way, so he found it easy to move from the protection of one to the other without being seen.

Then two things happened very fast. First, Kisaki spotted two people emerge from the forest in front of him, moving towards the arcade. He didn't recognise either of them, but felt a pang of fear in his heart as soon as he had spotted them. Their movement seemed to... predatory and confident. Then there was a noise from above, like someone scrambling about. Kisaki gasped and turned around. Leaning out of one of the windows on the top floor was someone wearing a fluffy dress.


Kisaki wanted to yell out but he knew that the approaching figures would hear him. Emiru had already disappeared back inside after only a bried second, and Kisaki had absolutely no way of knowing if Emiru had seen him.

He turned to watch the two approaching figures. Kisaki concealed himself behind one of the cars so he wouldn't be visible to their oncoming. The only disadvantage was that now he couldn't see them. He had the lack of light on his side too. He was feeling like panicing again. He didn't know what to do! He had to save Emiru but he didn't know how! The two people might not even be players!

All the proud bassist could do was sit behind the burnt out car, shaking and fearing not just for his life, but for Emiru's.

"just keep running!"

Kisaki wiped away a tear. But I can't! he thought. I'm too...

... scared...
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Anza D4-E4 [Jun. 20th, 2005|09:31 pm]
The Jrock Battle Royale Roleplay Game!
"So then... you're really playing? You're really planning on killing the others?" Utada's question didn't even make Anza turn around, her mouth forming into a simple smirk.

They'd headed away from the lake almost as soon as she'd joined up with Utada, after all, if others had thought of going towards the lake as the first point of their journey, then she wanted to be a little ways away from those others. Atleast for now. Plans weren't quite ready to be set into motion yet. Perhaps that was why she hadn't killed Utada right away, figuring she could be a useful add on should someone come along on them suddenly. Or maybe it was because Utada was the only other genetic girl in this game, and though she belonged to a completely different world, filled with pop stars and appearances on HeyX3, she'd somehow been roped into this "game" as well.

"Of course. I'm not planning on dying on some no-name island at the hands of those bastards." She turned around, seeing Utada stop, and for a moment thinking she'd already broken the frail trust which hung by only thin threads between all of the members of any one group in a battle program such as this.

"But... do you really think we'll be the same after this game is over... if we get out of it alive?"

Anza shrugged, laughing ironically at the thought. "No. I don't think so. But I'm not thinking about then... I'm thinking about now."

She started walking again, this time at a quicker pace, determined to find a suitable destination to put her plan into motion by sunrise. At the moment she thought she'd take advantage of the program's location and visit the ironically fun site of the arcade. Most likely the electricity to it had been turned off, but that didn't mean she couldn't find something useful in the place itself. She'd been an arcade bum herself before she'd auditioned and gotten into the musical world of magical girls, and whenever a game broke down, there were numerous strange tooks that would be brought out to fix it, some of which could prove as useful weapons in cases of surprise combat. In the least, there might be a mini-fridge with beer and snacks like there was in most tokyo arcades, plus her still somewhat childish mind found a strange sense of glee in the idea of visiting an arcade at a time such as this.

As they entered E4 she could see the outline of a building not too far off from them.
"Come on, we've got to get prepared."

((OOC: Mods, it's up to you on what they find in the arcade.))
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Mana - C6 to D7 [Jun. 20th, 2005|01:03 am]
The Jrock Battle Royale Roleplay Game!
[mood |determined]

Looking at his map while walking, Mana considered where to go. He would have preferred going back to the school and giving Tetsu a piece of his mind. Or of his crossbow, possibly. Yes, most certainly of his crossbow. However, with the school a danger zone, it wasn’t a possibility. Not a sane one, at least, and although he supposed some would argue that he wasn’t the most stable person, he was hardly insane.

For a while, he considered going to the beach. It had been a long while since he’d had the time to see the ocean at night. He’d been working so much lately. However, he decided against that idea quite fast. A beach was a too open space to be in considering the circumstances. At least since he didn’t know which weapons the others had been given.

He decided to wander for a while, instead. If he kept moving, he’d be harder to find, and it would be easier to find others.

Somehow, he had never thought about playing the game. It had been decided automatically, it seemed. However, Mana wasn’t surprised. He had always been competitive by nature, and he liked having a certain amount of control. And he’d always hated to loose.

He didn’t want to kill. For all that his music and lyrics were often dark and vaguely disturbing, he had never expected to ever be faced with the need to kill or be killed. Now that he was, though, he knew that if he had to, he would kill. He would play the game to win. He’d had enough of losses and failure.

For all that he never let any emotion show, he did feel. He just kept it to himself. Including his losses. And there had been many of those. Malice Mizer had been Közi and his “child”, a quest for an answer to the question of “What is human?”. He had never expected to grow as attached to the band as he did. And then the losses had begun. First Gaz and Tetsu, shortly after each other. Gaz had barely been there, and was perhaps the loss he dwelled the least on. Tetsu had indeed been made to leave the band, but not for his voice. Mana wasn’t sure where that notion had come from. Tetsu had simply never enjoyed the theatrical lives the rest of the band did. Then there had been Gackt and Mana much preferred not to dwell on that fact. That history was still too sore to rip up in.

The greatest loss, of course, had been Kami. Sweet, beautiful Kami whose cheerful and friendly nature had touched them all so much more deeply than they had realized. Not until he was gone, and they had to deal with a Kami-shaped hole in their lives. None of them would ever forget their Eternal Blood Relative.

Eventually, when Malice Mizer disbanded, he lost another vocalist. And finally, with Juka’s departure from Moi dix Mois, another.

It was enough losses. If he could help it, and he was sure he could, he wouldn’t loose again. Because all those losses hurt, and he was starting to feel his perfect expressionless mask slip, which just wouldn’t do.

He’d worn that mask for so long that he wouldn’t know what to do without it.
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D6-C5 [Jun. 20th, 2005|02:38 pm]
The Jrock Battle Royale Roleplay Game!
[mood |exhaustedexhausted]

Miyavi had no idea how long he'd been running blindly for.
Time seemed irrelevant as his panic-striken footsteps pounded through the thick undergrowth. His eyes were wild and his arms flailed around him, franticly clearing the branches in his way.

How was he going to ge through this?

The trees passed him as a blur until he heaved a heavy breath and finally collapsed to the ground behind a large bush.As his heart beat madly against his chest his senses gradually returned.

He blinked and looked about him, desperate to get his bearings before he was somehow discovered. His escape from the school building had been so fast and fantic that he hadn't even thought to check is anyone was following him.
The air around him was silent except for the occasional birdsong,and the soft breeze that blew through his spiked multi-coloured hair.He lifted the hood on his black jacket over his head to act as partial camouflage.

While the area seemed so quiet he took his chance and flung his rucksack to the ground to sort through everthing inside.

'Gee', he thought, 'Tetsu had obviously spared no expense when it came to rations. A few pieces of bread, some bottles of water, a compass and a map....'

Miyavi paused. 'Hadn't he said something about there being a weapon for each person?

Confused he dug around into the bottom of the bag, finally feeling something square, and pulled it out.

"oh...you have to be kidding me!" He exclaimed, before shutting his mouth quickly, realising his outburst.
Staying quiet for a few more seconds just in case, he then held out the small book in one hand.

Enblazed across the front in bold red text was the title:

Miyavi grit his teeth.
Oh, he was gonna get it!
He tossed the book aside and huffed. Folding his arms across his tatooed chest he sat back on his heels, the most dissatisfied look on his young face.

"Well...I obviously won't ever be needing that!" he said grumpily, 'well...unless I plan on hitting on everyone..in which..case i still dont' see how that is gonna kill anyon...

He stopped mid thought and stuffed everything back into his bag. Why the hell was he thinking about something like that now? If it wasn't for the situation he was in he probably would have laughed.

Standing he took out his map and made a mental note to throttle Tetsu when he got back, then began to walk again.

He stopped dead.

Wait a minute? Does that mean I'm playing this game now??

Dismissing the idea quickly he decided to make his way towards the nearest shelter.

(OOC - wow, i feel bad for being so late with my starting postT_T I wanted to see what everyones was like first. Hope that was okay, this is my first RP>_>)
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Kisaki: C5, heading towards E4 Lonely... [Jun. 20th, 2005|11:37 am]
The Jrock Battle Royale Roleplay Game!
(OOC: Sorry it's long, but there is some stuff here important for Kisaki's character! I hope Shinya and Die are OK with how I wrote you in the flashback. If not then let me know and I'll change it! :D)

Kisaki took out his map and turned the flashlight on it, his eyes sweeping it like a hawk in search of a clue.

Where are you Emiru? I've got to end your suffering! That's what Kamijo would have wanted. That's what you want, isn't it? Come out to play Emiru...

The wind was icy and harsh, and it wrapped itself around Kisaki's body as he shivered, crouching on the pavement. He looked up. Across the road stood the house. He looked up to the bedroom window. Hiro...

"Forget it..." he whispered under his breath. "Come on Kisaki! He's dead. It's better this way."


Kaoru and Kyo had left stage together, talking loudly and laughing. Kaoru even looked over his shoulder quickly to look at Kisaki with that vacant expression. There used to be friendship there, but now there was nothing, except Kaoru's sick pleasure at having won. And Kisaki was out of the band.

Kisaki stopped walking next to the vending machine. He had no idea where Shinya and Die had got to, but he didn't really care. Runing after 'bandmates' wasn't what he planned on doing. Not now that he'd finished the last La:Sadies live. It was over. Finished.

Not for Kisaki.

He slipped some coins into the machine before pressing the button. There were some mechanical sounds before a bottle of Coke was deposited in the bottom tray with a metalic cling. Kisaki picked it up and flipped off the lid. He tipped the drink back and let the cool liquid slip down his throat. So refreshing. Especially after that. That had to be the worst concert he had ever played.

Dreading Kaoru's gloating in the dressing room, Kisaki decided to go instead to the small bar down the road. He grabbed his coat on the way out and slipped away without anyone paying any real attention. Swearing under his breath, Kisaki vowed then that he would become something big. Not the lame bassist who got kicked out of a band. He would be so much more. Next time, people would notice his exit.

The rain beat down on him as he neared the pub. All in all it had been a crappy day. Time to get pissed.

Kisaki entered the bar. It was quite a warm and friendly place, with warm lighting and not too packed. Sitting down on a bar stool, Kisaki ordered a tequila. He didn't like the vile stuff much but it got him drunk fast. He just wanted to get pissed. Stop feeling. He wanted to stop the pain.

He glanced around the pub. Immediately something caught his eye. Fluffy dress? Kisaki knew a Jrocker when he saw one. They weren't the hardest of creatures to spot at least, and this one was unsubtle as fuck. It was the last thing he needed. To be taunted by someone else about his failure. He decided to stay at the bar and try to keep a low profile.

The sound of a door slamming caught his attention, and he looked up. Damn! Another one comming out from the toilets! This one had long curly blonde hair, verging on ginger and was wearing what looked like a blue velvet cat suit. Definately Jrocker.

As the blue one neared the fluffy one, obviously to sit down, he looked up. "AH! Kisaki sama!"

His friend turned around. Upon seeing Kisaki, his eyes flew open. "OMG OMG OMG!" The two of them stampeaded towards the bar, causing Kisaki to jump back, nearly falling off his stool.
"What the fuck?" he said, feeling a little dazed.
"Hi! I'm Kamijo!" said the one in blue. "And this is my friend Emiru!"
Emiru jumped up and down like a school girl. "We're in a band just like you!" he squeacked. Then, he put his hands on his hips and said proudly "I'm a bassist too!"
Kisaki nodded. "Oh, that's nice"
"Yes, it is!" Emiru giggled, nodding furiously.
Kisaki sighed. Although two people as hyper as this were enough to make any serious musician projectile vomit, he appreciated how interested in him they seemed to be.
Kamijo beckoned to the barman. "Hey, three shots of Vodka please!"
He turned to Kisaki in admiration. "We were just at your live! Shame about the breakup though."
"Yeah, shame" said Kisaki unenthusiastically.
"I think you're the best member" Emiru said. "Why did you decide to leave?"
"I got kicked out!" Kisaki said mournfully. "And if you'll excuse me, I think I'll be leaving."

He jumped down from the barstool, and began to walk from the bar. He wiped away a tear, hoping it had gone unnoticed. This was too much. He'd always known he was the best member. But they'd still got rid of him. He didn't need to have his face rubbed in it by two men wearing costumes fit for a 5-year old's dress up party.

As he pushed the door open, Kamijo called out to him. "Don't go yet. It's better to be with people when things go badly. I could even introduce you to some musician friends of mine looking for a bassist..."
"Forget it" Kisaki said coldly before leaving the bar.

The rain had got a lot heavier since he went in, and he knew his make up must have been running. He didn't really care. He couldn't be bothered with it all anymore. He felt like going home and putting an add in the paper for his bass. He didn't feel like it was worth playing anymore.

Could he really do that though? The bass was... well, if he sold it he would be parting with a peice of his soul! Could he really do that? Give up that much this easily? Was that what people would remember of Kisaki? Some freak in a crappy band who got kicked out? No... they'd remember greatness!

Kamijo's voice rang through his head like a metronome. "I could even introduce you to some musician friends of mine looking for a bassist..."

Kisaki smiled, and turned around, towards the bar.

Kisaki slowly stood up, and walked back towards the house in front of him. "It's better to be with people when things go badly" he repeated under his breath. He didn't understand why it was still raining inside, but he pushed on up the stairs. In reality, it wasn't raining. Kisaki was crying. But through years of being strong, he'd even forgotten what it felt like to properly cry.

Kisaki came to stand in the doorway of the bedroom. Hiro lay in the bed as peacefully as when Kisaki had left him.
"Wake up" Kisaki whispered. "I don't want to be alone again."
Hiro didn't answer. He just lay there, looking at complete peace. Kisaki looked the opposite. Red eyes, and tear-stained cheeks. His hair was a complete mess and his elaborate blue and silver costume was starting to tear at the seams. The winner of Battle Royale was whoever stayed alive longest, but from what Kisaki could see, Hiro was the winner, and Kisaki was the loser.

"You're such a loser Kisaki! Stop fucking up my guitar parts!"
"It's better if you play A minor there instead!" Kisaki exasperated. Although he respected Kaoru's tallent, it annoyed him how the feisty guitarist would never accept his advice. If he did, he'd be even better.
"Look Kisaki, this is a band with 5 members, right? This isn't just for you to rule everything we do!"
"He's right you know!" Kyo piped in. "We need to work together!"
"That's what I'm trying to do! Fucking hell! We could be so good if only you guys would try as hard as I do!" Kisaki snapped.
"If it's that bad, why don't you just leave the band?" Kaoru said spitefully.
"I'm not going to leave..." Kisaki began, but Kaoru interuppted.
"I think you should."

There was a silence as Kisaki and Kaoru kept their eyes fixed on each other, burning each other. It was a war, and it was Kisaki who pulled out first. "That's ridiculous Kaoru! You can't just kick me out because you want to! It's a group decision! You can only do that if everyone agrees with you! Stop being a bastard!"
Kisaki smiled, and looked around. The smile was soon wiped from his face. Shinya kept his eyes on the floor. Shinya, who Kisaki had known for so long abandoning him now? And Die wouldn't say a word. He just shrugged at Kisaki. Kyo moved to stand by Kaoru, who now had his arms folded.
Kisaki rose up, trying to make himself as tall as he could. "Fine."

"Hiro! Don't leave me now!" Kisaki screamed, running over to the bed. He grabbed Hiro by the shoulders and shook him violently. "Don't leave me! Why does everyone leave me!"
Hiro again didn't respond. Kisaki's shaking only messed up the drummer's hair, but his face remained at peace. Kisaki was choking on his tears. "PLEASE!" he wailed, his voice trembling and painful.

He released his grip and rolled off onto the floor, curling up into a ball. He had never felt so alone. And this time, it was his fault. Hiro had wanted to stay with him. Someone who had actually wanted to stay with Kisaki for the first time ever... and I didn't even hear him.

It took Kisaki a while to recover himself. Mournfully, he left the house again, leaving Hiro to rest in peace.
Slowly, he stumbled out of the door. Again he took out the map and scanned it. Emiru's out there somewhere. What's he doing right now? He's probably just as scared as I am. It's better to be with someone...

Kisaki's gaze fixed on the arcade. Emiru had always been a fun person. Always wanting to do something exiting. Maybe he'd have gone there?

Slowly, with the flail in hand, Kisaki set off south. Searching frantically for the one thing he had wanted the whole fucking time. Searching for a friend.
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Közi - E6-F5 [Jun. 19th, 2005|05:20 pm]
The Jrock Battle Royale Roleplay Game!
It seemed like he had been walking for hours, but Közi knew it hadn't been that long. Half an hour perhaps. Shortly after departing from the school area Közi had noticed a gradual incline of the land. However, now if was less than gradual. The path he had been walking on had become rocky and steep. He assumed that he had been heading in the direction of the summit. The highest point on the island. He wondered if anyone had ventured in the same direction as he had. At least there were plenty of trees around to conceal him as he continued up the rugged path. Though he wished he hadn't worn red today. It was his favorite color, but it would also make it very difficult to hide himself from others in such a bright color. He continued on, trudging up the mountain side. Perhaps this hadn't been the best route to follow. He stopped for a moment to gauge how much farther he had to travel. Almost there...

Several more minues passed before he finally made it to the top. His legs were sore from traveling up such a steep incline in such a short time, he needed to rest. And at this point he didn't care if there was anyone else around. He scanned the area and found a good sized tree gowing in a fairly level spot. That's where he would stop for awhile, not the night, but just to rest up a bit. He leaned up against it and slid the rest of the way to the ground. Sighing in relief at being about to rest his muscles.

He was still so angry about being caught up in this in the first place. He knew why Tesu had chosen him, but he still wondered why Tetsu hadn't dragged Yu~ki or Klaha into the mess too. They had also been a part of Malice Mizer. And why bring in other J-rockers? He let out a soft sigh and began to rummage in his bad. He hadn't really looked into it until now. Flicking on his flashlight he noted there there was a suitable ammount of food and water in there...well bread and water. It was sustinace at least. He also noted that there were infact keys that came with his so called weapon. "Handcuffs," he scoffed. Well, nows a good time to come up with a plan of action at least.

Was he ready to kill someone to save his own life? Even his old bandmates? Yes...If if comes to it, I will. He told himself. He tried to remember back to being in the room, where Testu was explaining this sick game. Who was there? He remembered recognizing a few people here and there, but he knew for a fact that he didn't know all of them. It'll be easier to kill them then. Közi shook his head for a minute at the malicious thought. Can I really kill someone in cold blood? ...yes...I can and will.

OOC: Sorry it's been a few days since my last post. I know it wasn't that long either. I hope this one is sufficent though. ^_^
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Hyde- Burning...Just Burning [G3-G6] [Jun. 19th, 2005|09:17 pm]
The Jrock Battle Royale Roleplay Game!

Hyde kept on walking, further and further away from the warehouse, he was going to the lighthouse, which was quite a long walk. The shotgun swayed back and forth on his back hitting it every so often, he’d soon have a lump there. The lighthouse was near a load of rocks at the very edge of the south/east area. Not many would go there…Well at least…That’s what Hyde hoped. He remembered that there were only 25 people killing each other on the island, so that would mean there are 23 more students out there, maybe less. Maybe Hyde was the first to kill? He didn’t even want to play, and he might’ve killed first! He just had to wait for the announcements to see.


Hyde noticed something in the distance; it was a building, a small one, a house by itself out here? No….It would be something else. He wasn’t really that curious, but he should just stay there and rest, then carry on after. Hyde hadn’t had anything to eat or drink since coming out of the school, so he was getting rather hungry and thirsty.


Hyde kept on walking nearer to the building, when he got a stinging feeling in his eyes…It burned….so much….what was it? He reached into his duffel bag, and grabbed a bottle of water, then pored the cooling water into his eye, trying to stop the burning. His eye was blood shot, he didn’t understand what had happened…and then he saw, a wasps nest…one of them must’ve stung him in the eye…it wouldn’t be too damaging, he could see out of it soon, and it would be back to normal, all he had to do now was rest at the building…which he could now tell was a shrine.


Hyde sat down on the doorstep of the shrine, still holding his hand over his eye. He then got out some bread, and the opened bottle of water, drank some, and then ate some bread, the bread was stale and horrible, but the water was decent enough. Then Hyde just sat there, and rested, he was going to carry on soon, and get to the lighthouse.

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D3-C3; If I can keep running, I'll find you in this darkness. [Jun. 19th, 2005|01:04 pm]
The Jrock Battle Royale Roleplay Game!
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He'd been hiding at the dam for quite some time now, at least until he was fully able to regain his breath from all the running he'd accomplished earlier. The ache in his legs, though bothersome, was now something he had learned to ignore more so because it was nothing compared to the very large ache situated in the depths of his still beating heart.

Gathering his things Shinya stood and climbed out of the ditch that had provided him with a temporary sanctuary from the ruthless world around him and brushed the dirt from his black slacks and white dress shirt. He'd gotten no sleep over the course of his rest and had only eaten a small portion of the crusty, stale bread they'd been provided with in order to keep his stomach happy.

Upright and alert, he looked around. It was still dark so it also very hard to see but Shinya's eyes had quickly learned to get used to the lack of light, adapted. Taking a deep breath Shinya hauled his duffle bag onto his shoulder, gasping suddenly at the faint tune emanating from his pants pocket. He still had his cell phone!

With trembling fingers he pulled the little mobile device out of his pocket and pushed the talk button. He could tell by the static that he hardly had any reception left but the voice that greeted him on the other end only encouraged him to move about in hopes of gaining another bar or two.

"H..hello?" On his knees the drummer shielded his phone to prevent the light on the screen from leaking out into the unsettling darkness. "D..die?!" Shinya's heart jumped in his chest. Die was alive! Die was still alive!

"I'm... I'm in D3 by .. by the dam. I can hardly hear you." Mixed with frustration over his phone and happiness at the fact that he could hear Die's voice Shinya closed his eyes and took a deep breath. The signal now was worst than ever and all he managed to get were the last few pieces of Die's sentence before the line began to fizzle out completely.

Stay near C3...I saw you go there, right? Shinya... I'll find you...I promise you..

I promise you..

Left with a dead line Shinya cried out. "Die? Die?!" He dropped the phone onto the ground and in frustration slammed his fist against it until he felt warm blood seep from his hand.

I could've told you. He thought to himself. I could've told you that I loved you and that I needed you..

Lifting his body off the ground Shinya picked up his bag and fished the map they'd been given out of his pocket. "Stay in C3.." Die's words rang over and over in his head, encouragement in the most unlikely of situations.

The map told him to head North and so he did. Under the guise of night Shinya felt a little at ease yet at the same time any sound any hints that another player might've been near him made his body tremble in fear. But C3 had someone waiting for him, someone he'd long to see ever since the game began and at the cost of everything Shinya was determined to make it there, if only to see Die for just a few, short moments.

Caught up in thought he hadn't even acknowledge the fact that the gray dam was now out of his sights, nothing but a memory in his mind. When the thick brush gave way to an open path about three hours later, Shinya paused and looked around.

An open path meant he'd be free for anyone to see, the death of him. But at the same time that same open path was the dividing line between the dam and residential area where Die told him to remain, where Die had promised to find him.

I have to make it..

Quickly and quietly he darted across, not looking back but forward until the thin trees on the other side seemed to welcome him. Unfortunately moving so quickly was not the wisest of all things to be doing in almost total darkness and Shinya found that out the hard way when a hidden slope brought his body as well as his things crashing down.

Like a rag doll for a good few feet he slid and bounced about until he came to rest face down on the dirt floor cut and obviously very much bruised. "Damn it!" Shinya couldn't help but yell, pounding his fist into the ground. Sitting up he tried to stand but fell back suddenly at the sharp pain in his ankle, had he fractured it?

Despite great pain he moved his hands to his ankle to feel for anything out of place and sure enough he felt it, a small crack in the bone causing it to jut out a little but not through his skin, thankfully.

Great.. Deftly he removed his dress shirt and ripped a long line of fabric from the hem before draping it over his shoulders.

He'd taken a first aid class when he was still in high school and had learned that the best way to treat a fracture was to splint it, keep the bone in place until it healed over by itself or with professional medical help. Feeling around in the dark he found two sturdy sticks and placed them on either side of his ankle, a little beyond the fractured area to keep that area immobile. Working carefully he wrapped the strip of cloth around his ankle, hissing at the terrible pain before tying the two ends together.

As an extra measure he removed his belt and secured it around his ankle, followed by another strip of cloth just a few inches above that. Sighing deeply Shinya felt around for another stick, a much longer one to use for a cane and once found he shakily hoisted himself up, trying hard to balance his weight, especially with a heavy bag on one shoulder.

Earlier on he'd seen what his weapon was, a pair of hunting knives, deadly but with weak points. He vowed never to use them unless necessary. Unless his life totally depended on it.

Dirt gracing his handsome features along with innumerable cuts and bruises on his face and arms, Shinya hobbled his way out of the brush into another clearing.

In his line of vision he saw them, houses not so far from him. The very houses he had to stay close to.

He was almost there!

With renewed determination and strength the five foot seven drummer began limping his way over, feeling his heart swell at the fact that soon he'd be reunited with the man he'd loved for so long.

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